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Florian Brand: Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA)
它山之石:Red Hat 认证构架师
World’s First RHCA
In September 2005, Florian Brand, a Red Hat instructor based in Stuttgart, Germany, was the first person to earn Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) certification. A six year veteran of Red Hat, Florian currently travels far and wide teaching RHCE and RHCA courses.
2005年9月,弗洛里安,一个德国斯图加特的Red Hat教练成为了获得Red Hat认证构架师(RHCA)第一人。弗洛里安目前在广泛的远程培训RHCE和RHCA。

Want to follow in his foot steps an earn an RHCA? His words of wisdom appear below.

1. How does it feel to be the first RHCA in the world?
1. 成为世界上第一个RHCA感觉如何?

I am relieved and happy. The race was quite close at the end. A fellow US Instructor almost earned it before me. In the end, I beat her to it because I flew to Korea to take my final required exam. I am happy it worked out as it did!
2. What advice could you provide to others who want to become RHCA?

First and foremost, take your time. RHCA involves five different topics and each course is quite broad. It takes a while to digest all the information.
For the exams, keep in mind that most of the information is documented in the system, so you don’t have to memorize all those details. Focus on the bigger picture.
And perhaps most importantly, on exam day, don’t panic!

3. What was the most challenging class? Expertise Exam?
The most challenging class is RH442 Red Hat Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning, because it is quite heavy on theory. But without this background the course would be pointless. For example, how could you tune a system without knowing the inner workings?
最有挑战性的课程是RH442 系统监控和性能调整。因为它需要很多的理论知识。但是如果没有这些基础的情况下就会变得漫无目的,例如,你怎么知道系统内部是怎么工作的呢?
The most difficult Expertise Exam in my opinion is EX333 Red Hat Security: Network Services. The class itself covers a lot of varied information, and the exam follows suit. The topics themselves aren’t necessarily more difficult than the four other courses, but it is a lot to remember.
在我看来最困难的专业知识考试是EX333 Red Hat网络服务安全。该门课程本身涵盖了许多不同的内容和考察方法。其本身不一定比其他的课程更困难,但是需要你记住很多的东西。

4. What is your impression of the Expertise Exam system, as opposed to one big exam?
4. 你对这个大型的考试系统是什么印象,是大型的对抗赛吗?
The five RHCA Expertise Exams have a total exam time of more than 24 hours. There is simply no way to do this in one single exam. Plus, imagine how you’d feel if you only failed one of the five items, and then had to take the entire test over again! So I think the Expertise Exam model is very fair and a lot more manageable.
RHCA 5门课程考试累计时间超过了24小时。全部一起考我们是无法做到的。试想一下五门中有一门没有通过,那么将不得不再次整个全部重考。所以,我认为专业知识分模块来考是很公平的,而且也便于管理。
Additionally the Certificates of Expertise have a distinct value on their own. Maybe a company needs a cluster specialist, not an architect-level jack of all trades. In that case, the candidate can still earn a cluster management Certificate of Expertise without having to take an entire curriculum that may or may not be relevant to his/her job.

5. As a Red Hat instructor who is now teaching these courses, what is the students’ reaction to the Expertise Exams?
5. 现在有哪些人在参加RHCA学习,这些学生参加专业考试是什么反应?
Each person is different, and the reaction to the tests themselves ranges from “Wow, that was way above my head!” to “Can I do the next one tomorrow?” It just depends on the person and their skill level. Interestingly, I see a lot of interest from freelance consultants/instructors in particular, who want to distinguish themselves from the crowd.
每个人都不一样。并且都会问自己,“哇,今天我应该从哪里开始” “明天我可以做些什么” ,这些都取决于他们自己的技术水平。 有趣的是,我看到更多从事教育行业的人对RHCA有更大的兴趣。

6. How will the certification impact your teaching methods?
If anything, RHCA will prove beneficial because I can add more depth to many discussions. There is a fine line though—I always like to provide insightful information, but at the same time I do not want to overwhelm students with too much detail. But, Red Hat expects RHCA for all their senior technical personnel, so I am merely the first of many who will have this vantage point.
如果有的话,RHCA将会证明是有益处的,因为我能够更深入的探讨。这是一个很好的标尺,我总喜欢提供一些有见解的信息,但同时我也不想学生被太多的细节压倒。Red Hat是希望他们所有的技术人员都是RHCA,所以我认为许多人都有相同的制高点。

7. What’s next for you?
7. 下一步你将做什么?
The next item on my to do-list is earning RHCSS (Red Hat Certified Security Specialist) certification. Luckily two of the the three required exams (EX423 and EX333) overlap with RHCA requirements, so I am 2/3 of the way there already. So, I only need to pass EX429 SELinux Policy Administration for the certification.
Before taking the exam, I am really looking forward to attending the RH429 class. SELinux is great piece of technology and I want to write my own policy for my servers. The standard targeted policy already saved my neck once when someone tried to mess with my web server. I want to learn more and raise my skill level a bit higher.

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